Tuesday, May 24, 2016

School board agenda for May 24

Some of the items on this week’s board agenda:

We’ll discuss the process for filling the vacancy on the board created by the departure of board member Tom Yates. More information here; see also this post.

We’ll vote on approval of an amended certified budget, receive our annual asset protection review, and hear an update on the district’s Wellness Policy.

At our work session after the board meeting, we’ll continue our discussion of secondary attendance areas. Information here.

The full agendas are here and here; feel free to chime in with a comment on anything that catches your attention.


Mary said...

Chris, Would it be possible for the administration to publish more info prior to the board meeting about why there appears to be a proposed increase of over $17 million in ICCSD's adopted 2016 budget for what I'm assuming is mostly or all "facilities acquisition and construction" and/or "debt service"?

Is the district just spending down most of its ending fund balance and if so, on what (that it hadn't budgeted to spend before)?

The info stated more detail would be provided about receipts ($ coming in?) and expenditures at the hearing but it would be nice to see such info posted in advance of the hearing. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering the same thing - both the Press Citizen and Gazette reported an appointee would have to seek election at the next school district election so 2017 or the next special election. Gazette has a quote from the assistant JC auditor confirming.,