Tuesday, July 26, 2016

School board agenda for Tuesday, July 26

At tonight’s meeting, we’ll swear in newly elected board member Paul Roesler, and we’ll discuss our legislative priorities for the coming year. At the work session afterward, we’ll start our discussion of activity buses, and we’ll be joined by staff of the Grant Wood Area Education Agency to discuss our district’s relationship with the agency and our recent interactions with the agency that led up to the state’s report about our special education practices.

The full agendas are here and here; feel free to chime in with a comment about anything that catches your attention.


the local said...

I would question why City High needs skydivers. I am assuming this will be paid with donations, but it still seems over the top. It seems like it would open the ICCSD up to lawsuits if something was to go wrong.

Anonymous said...

Good question. Who is paying for the skydiving event and insurance?

Mary M said...

Thanks for posting this Chris.

1. I saw there was a resignation of a principal that the Press Citizen reported would be assuming a new role. Is a new position being added to the central administration administration? If so, will the general fund support the position?

2.There was a quote for a blended learning program, Edgenuity, in the consent agenda for $100,000 plus over 3 years, including $35,500 to be invoiced 7/1/16. When you add this expense on top of others (e.g. ThoughtExhange for $100,0000 plus, etc.), all of these service and/or software contracts add up. Board member Hemingway is right--these contracts should be bid out plus cost benefit analysis and alternatives (including not purchasing) should be presented. Also, is this a different Edgenuity than what shows up in the accounts payable for the general fund as already being paid ($35,500)? If not, shouldn't the board approve the contract (not just the quote) before payments start?

3. There continue to be PPEL eligible expenses going through the general fund--E.g., I don't object to paying for playgrounds but why isn't the PPEL fund paying for the Kirkwood playground ($20,050) instead of the general fund?

4. Does the district have sufficient special education programming for its students? It appears the district pays out a lot of money for special education programming to other districts (open enrollments?)?

5.Would the board please request a public status of update from the administration about the curriculum reviews? I was disappointed to hear at a DPO meeting earlier this year that at least one of the curriculum reviews was on hold because there was no money for materials.

I don't necessarily need a reply but would like the board to consider the above. Thanks.

Mary M said...

I appreciate the board continuing to look into the State Special Education Report of ICCSD (sample audit).

These "systemic" violations of the law cannot be blamed on a personality conflict or relationship problem. The law is fairly straightforward. Under policy governance, only the superintendent can be held responsible.

My concern would be that there would not be a permanent fix to the issues noted. Therefore, I'd request that the implementation adviser the state required ICCSD to have report publicly to the entire board (not just the superintendent or the board president) what is going on over the next year or however long the implementation adviser is here.


Mary Murphy said...


My earlier comment disappeared. I am assuming its a systems glitch so here is a shorter recap.

1. There's a quote for Edgenuity ($100,000 plus) but not a contract in the consent agenda yet a payment went through on the accounts payable ($35,000 or so). Service contracts like this, ThoughtExchange, etc. should be bid (Board Member Hemingway is correct) with a cost/benefit and alternatives presented (including not to purchase), and shouldn't the board approve the contract first if this is what happened?

2. Can the board request the administration to report publicly what is going on with curriculum reviews (put on an agenda item)? I was disappointed to hear at a DPO meeting earlier this year that one of the reviews had been postponed due to lack of money.

3. Some PPEL eligible expenses keep going through on the general fund (e.g. playground). I don't object to the expenses, necessarily, especially for playgrounds but why not put through PPEL?

4. I saw a principal resigned but the Press-Citizen indicated a new position was being created. Is the central office funding a new position from the general fund?

5. There is a lot of money going out for special education tuition. Does ICCSD have sufficient programming for special education?

I don't necessary need a reply; however, I'd like the board to consider the above. Thanks. Mary