Friday, November 4, 2016

School board agenda for Tuesday, November 8

Very brief meeting scheduled for this Tuesday, in Room 113, since the board room is being used an election polling place. But feel free to chime in with any comments on the agenda.


Anonymous said...

Why are the all state musicians listed on the agenda?

Anonymous said...

Has everyone seen this article:


I just briefly heard Botchway speaking to it on KCJJ and I am shocked at the comments he made concerning the police. I guess the ICCSD relationship with the local police is not so good either and it is obvious how Botchway feels about the police in general based on his comments.

Anonymous said...

Chris - I know the boards meeting are available live on public access and eventually uploaded to the iccsd website to view. Is there a reason that there couldn't be a live online stream of the school board meetings? They are already recording them and playing them live on tv and I would be surprised if the iccsd doesn't already have the capability to live stream these meetings. Many of us can't get the public access channel. I currently follow the North Corridor Parents twitter to get real time information if I am unable to attend the meeting in person. Thank you.