Thursday, September 7, 2017

Updated campaign finance reports

Both sides of the bond campaign had to file contribution and expenditure reports today. The “Yes” side’s report is here; it’s previous reports are here and here. The “No” side’s report is here; its previous report is here.

So far, the “Yes” campaign has raised $99,429.16—that’s over thirty times what the average board candidate raised. Nineteen donors have given a total of $1000 or more; those donors accounted for almost two-thirds of the total. They are:

Iowa City Area Chamber of Commerce
$ 17,500
Hills Bank
$   8,006.85
University of Iowa Community Credit Union
$   8,000
MidwestOne Bank
$   7,506.31
Southgate Development Service
$   4,000
Gary Watts Real Estate & Development
$   2,500
Neumann Monson, Inc.
$   2,000
Hayek, Moreland, Smith, Bergus, L.L.P.
$   2,000
Arlington Development, Inc.
$   2,000
Maxwell Construction
$   2,000
U.S. Bank
$   1,200
Houser Enterprises
$   1,000
RPB Properties, L.L.C.
$   1,000
Rohrbach Associates, P.C.
$   1,000
TLD, Inc.
$   1,000
Cedar Rapids Building Trades, CR/IC
$   1,000
Veridian Credit Union
$   1,000
Mark Moen and Bobby Jett (jointly)
$   2,000

On the “No” side, there were no $1,000 donors. The largest contribution was $250. So far they’ve raised a total of $2502. That means the “Yes” group has raised almost forty times as much as the “No” group.

School board candidates also filed campaign finance reports today. Here’s how much each candidate has raised (click on the candidate’s name to see the report):

$ 7,425.31
$ 6,395
$ 3,352.89
$ 2,700
$    985
$    770
$    760
*Includes $902.89 carried over from his previous campaign.

The biggest single contributor to school board candidates appears to be Adam Ingersoll, who gave $500 to Janet Godwin and $1,000 to Ruthina Malone (as well as $1,000 to the “Yes” campaign). Ingersoll is a college admissions test prep consultant.

Finally, the Save Hoover Committee raised $602.40 (including $382.40 carried over from the previous campaign cycle).

Contributions made after September 2 will not be reported until January.


Anonymous said...

Someone has to pay for all the shiny Yes flyers that continually show up in my mailbox. Today's breathlessly pronounced .... We are the leaders we've been waiting for.

Anonymous said...

The ICCSD school board is being sold to the highest bidder. Is that a problem? Why would it matter that Ingersoll donated money?

Anonymous said...

Ingersoll also was one of the highest doners for Amy Nielsen in NL - wasn't Karen W part of her campaign team?

Brigette & Adam Ingersoll said...

Chris, we're still fairly new around here and we're no student of the law, so maybe that's why we're unfamiliar with the practice of an elected official publicly calling out a community member in this manner. Would you care to elaborate on whatever it is you may be implying?

Others commenting here, are there questions or concerns that we may address?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Brigette and Adam,

The way I read this post, nothing was implied.
Just stated facts.
Thanks for your generosity, it was duly noted and will be remembered when it is time to fund raise for political campaigns again.

Anonymous said...

Bridgette and Adam what do you think is being implied?

Brigette and Adam Ingersoll said...

There are 100+ other households who have made significant contributions to the Yes side of the bond campaign, and Chris chose to highlight ours and to provide a link to Adam's place of business. This was done to commend our generosity?

Chris, would you offer us the courtesy of explaining yourself?

Tangentially-related question: Why are all the commenters anonymous? This is a small community, and presumably we're all here to discuss interests of mutual concern. Why don't we identify ourselves?

Chris said...

Bridgette and Adam - It's pretty standard practice, when reporting on fundraising reports, to identify the largest donors. Your contributions to the school board campaigns really did stand way out above anyone else's, so I thought it made sense to point it out in the post.

Anonymous said...

It's anonymous because it's a playground for bullies, with Liebig as their ringleader.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is no big deal to me. When this Bond and the FMP blow up on the district over the next five years part of me is going to enjoy watching this "Sh** Show" unfold.

Anonymous said...

Why anonymous? If you're on the wrong side of the district and/or the district power brokers such as the Ingersoll's, then you will find you and/or your kids being retaliated against. It is now documented after all, in the district culture. Teachers know this all too well, speak highly of all district matters or shut up or else!

Who starts in baseball isn't always the best players. It is often who is the most connected. Who gets advanced in science now that it is a 95% cut score among those that don't make 95%? Who got into Liberty as 9th graders this year that should have been denied a transfer based on district policy? The connected and those who support all district plans whether they make sense or not.

So grateful to Chris Liebig, for pointing out the excesses of this FMP/bond that the wealthiest people in our district don't care about because they can afford to pitch in thousands of dollars into one local race.

Anonymous said...

It's anonymous because the ringleaders from other pages lurk around here to find people on whom they can unleash their extreme negativity and snark.

Anonymous said...

People posting anonymous comments about anonymous posters is f'ing funny.